Necessary Evil - The Australian Saga

Unit 1138 -Black Box Recordings-
  • Today I was given a most important mission from the master Nigel G. Near. He told me that he and his other servitor robots were going to cause a DISTRACTION at the front of the compound and that I should cause a DIRSTRACTION at the back of said compound, in particular destroying a V’sori battle vessel parked on the launch pad. I am thrilled to serve the master/creator so efficiently and I take pride in my work. I hope Nigel notices that after I disassembled the V’sori craft I took the initiative and went on to other DISTRACTIONS!
  • We then engaged the enemy K’tharen, drones, and the supers sniffing G’rok like dogs that we were supposed to neutralize for Tikus and the Raiders. Unfortunately I was forced to aid the very forgetful Dr. Scorpion who was being chewed up by the doggies. I do not like Dr. Scorpion very much because he keeps forgetting my designation number and to be honest I don’t think he’s even a real Doctor. Even though I enjoyed seeing the good Doctor being ripped apart I wondered how can I correct his memory with my shock-stick if the doggies killed him? I think my shock therapy might be starting to work because just after I saved Dr. Scorpion he said my name CORRECTLY! Yay…..meat-bags can learn!, albeit slowly.
  • Honestly, I think Nigel made a mistake while choosing his words initially. He wanted us to make a DISTRACTION but after we were done with the V’sori compound their was nothing left of it. Even the buildings were falling apart and the rest of the place had crumbled to pieces. I even saw Obsidian eat through the roof! He obviously does not follow directions very well. Perhaps Nigel meant DESTRUCTION and just forgot to use the proper terms in defining our mission parameters. Either way, Nigel seemed pleased.
  • Unfortunately, I lost one of my brothers today. A servitor robot named Wheelie, who had the lower torso of a Segue scooter. I knew him for over 3.5 hours….we were great friends. I will miss him dearly.
  • While I was mourning for the lose of Wheelie I missed out on the most fun of all. Mind Flay told me that while inside the compound they found many strange creatures in cages and they played the game “Put the Animals Down!” I am not sure how to play this game but it sounds like the animals enjoyed it a great deal. I love animals, I had a monkey once. It was dead.
PeeWee’s Audio Log 015

PeeWee’s Audio Log 015
P: But Boss?!
Z: I’m sorry PeeWee but you’re really bad at being quiet.
P: I can be quiet. Watch I can be real quiet.
Z: …
P: …
Z: …
P: You’re not watching!!
Z: PeeWee I’m sorry I’ll tell you all about it when I get back but for now stay with 1138.
P: Why should I he’s not going with you.
Z: Because I’m not taking you with me.
P: Why not. Come on let me go with you. You’re going to do something fun aren’t you. I wanna go too!!! You guys did lots of cool stuff without me. I wanna do cool stuff too.
Z: Hey PeeWee I need some more bullets grab some out of the closet
P: Sure thing Boss. Hey I don’t see anything in here. Hey open the door, Hey come on this isn’t funny. Hey open up. Hey! HEEEEYYY! Alright that’s how you wanna play it LIGHTNING BLASTER!!! Boss? Boss? Hey Boss where are you? ….. Ahh man.

Nigel's Inspirational Speech

Friends, Fallen, others…lend me your ears or other hearing appendages…

We have been called upon to undertake this great task on behalf of our illustrious benefactors. Although some of them are not with us today, we feel their influence. Gather strength from your comrades. Gather strength from my words. Gather strength from the supers in your ranks and let’s show these lizard bastards what for!

Zero's Personal Journal
Audio Recording active Entry 657822

Well we have almost reached the facility. I’m a bit more confident in the abilities of the bot we picked up from the Doc’s lab. It seems to have bonded with Obsidian so at least we should be able to point it in the right direction if we need to. Gotta admit though the walking fabricator has been extremely useful in upgrading PeeWee. He helped me build a custom electrical generator. Took some time guiding him into making the parts I needed. Good news is PeeWee is combat ready. With some assistance from Nigel I was able to use the generator to amp up his blasters. They have quite a kick to them now, even included a burst function that can layout a large group of targets. That should be something to see when we hit combat. I copied several of my own targeting programs into his system so he should be able to out shoot anything on the field (save yours truly of course). That little generator can even kick out an electrical field. Not too powerful yet and it isnt going to do jack to anything trying to smash him but it should be strong enough to divert incoming fire. I wish I had more info about what ever were heading into. Seems all we got from Syd was that what ever is going down is critical. All in all we’re putting a lot on the line for a reward that is about as clear as mud. I hate working with out a clear payout but until we can do something about these spiders were kinda stuck. If Wither is as bad as her rep says I don’t think she’ll just let us go when things wrap up (assuming we survive her FINAL solution). Ugh the more I think about it the worst this deal sounds. I’m gonna grab some food and get some rest. Still thinking about asking Obsidian to teach me how he gets around so damn well. I’m sick of stepping on branches all the time but he’s scarier then usual right now

Zero's Personal Journal
Audio Recording active Entry 657820

Finally out of that god forsaken research facility. Got a ping back from 1138. Somehow he and talon were ejected on top of a mountain somewhere in the park. Well they should be fine. 1138 knows where the car is and he can get them to wherever this Vsori base we’re supposed to hit is. Obsidian is different now. I’m not sure if it’s really a good thing. I’ve seen him ready to snap before and even when we had down time he seemed a little anxious. Now he seems….I’m not sure if it would be at peace but none of us really know what happened in that tank and after seeing that doc’s notes I’m hoping that our resident berserker hasnt been kicked off the deep end. Well worse comes to worse he’ll probably eat skorpion first. This little nanobot I picked up is something else. I can’t find any reason for him to work the way he does. Nothing in his programming can justify the amount of intelligence he shows. PEEWEE GET OUT OF THE FIRE. I think I can do something with his weaponry I’ll have to chat with nigel about modifiying his weapon systems. I got to say I am having my doubts about this final solution (4 wheeler roars in the background followed by loud squealing laughter). Anything that figures in a wild eyed mentally unstable mass of nano technology as its power source is something I might not want to be a part of. but for now I’m in for the long haul. (PW) Hey boss what ya doing Can I see Why are you talking to that thing on your wrist Hey why is it copying me Does it write what I say Voltron’s cooool hahahahaha it does!!! hey boss hey hey hey…..

The last thoughts of Unit 1160
Crash log, Unit 0001000101100000

Unit 0001000101100000 – Crash Status Report, 9/11/2010

Log Entry 13203 – Remote control protocol activated; Master assuming control
Log Entry 13204 – WARNING! Integrity of surrounding structure compromised.
Log Entry 13205 – Command received – be calm, it’ll all be over soon – acknowledged
Log Entry 13206 – Structure collapsing – unable to comply – ERROR!
Log Entry 13207 – Safety protocols overridden – Unable to engage run protocol
Log Entry 13208 – Command received – stay where you are – acknowledged
Log Entry 13209 – Safety protocols overridden – Attempting to reengage
Log Entry 13210 – Command received – I said stay, Goddammit! – acknowledged
Log Entry 13211 – Command received – Stop! Look there! (13246,-69842) – acknowledged
Log Entry 13212 – Legs immobilized – WARNING! Pressure exceeds maximum threshold!
Log Entry 13213 – Chest immobilized – WARNING! Pressure exceeds maximum threshold!
Log Entry 13214 – Arms immobilized – WARNING! Pressure exceeds maximum threshold!
Log Entry 13215 – Head immobilized – WARNING! Pressure exceeds maximum threshold!
Log Entry 13216 – WARNING! Torso integrity compromised – Crush threshold reached!
Log Entry 13217 – Why…master…wh

The last thoughts of Unit 1163
Crash log, Unit 0001000101100011

Unit 0001000101100011 – Crash Status Report, 9/11/2010

Log Entry 12156 – Remote control protocol ended; Normal control function restored
Log Entry 12157 – FFI signature “Zero” activating interface
Log Entry 12158 – WARNING! Rear passage wall moving. Upload image to control.
Log Entry 12159 – Command received – stop wall – acknowledged
Log Entry 12160 – Wall still moving – unable to comply – ERROR!
Log Entry 12161 – Command received – abandon wall and exit via platform – acknowledged
Log Entry 12162 – WARNING! Unstable surface – Gyroscopic stabilizers engaged
Log Entry 12163 – ERROR! Gyroscopic stabilizers failing. Assuming Fall protocol
Log Entry 12164 – ERROR! Fall from unsafe height – distance 29.34 feet – run Damage Assessment protocol
Log Entry 12165 – Damage Assessment protocol completed – no significant damage
Log Entry 12166 – Correcting Attitude
Log Entry 12167 – WARNING! Unknown exterior hazard – highly corrosive
Log Entry 12168 – WARNING! Exterior armor breached – activate electroshock defense system
Log Entry 12169 – WARNING! Power reserves 40% – hazard unaffected
Log Entry 12170 – WARNING! Spinal cavity breached – Nervous system interface compromised
Log Entry 12171 – WARNING! Brain cavity breached – Death Imminent
Log Entry 12172 – I’m afraid, master…save m

The last thoughts of Unit 1161
Crash log, Unit 0001000101100001

Unit 0001000101100001 – Crash Status Report, 8/28/2010

Log Entry 11736 – Environmental conditions outside normal operating parameters
Log Entry 11737 – Strong wind conditions. Falling back to gain foothold
Log Entry 11738 – Priority alert! Urgent Objective – Maintain formation with Primary Unit
Log Entry 11739 – Assuming Run protocol
Log Entry 11740 – ERROR! Gyroscopic stabilizers failing. Assuming Fall protocol
Log Entry 11741 – Environmental conditions outside normal operating parameters
Log Entry 11742 – Correcting attitude
Log Entry 11743 – Attitude corrected, resuming Run protocol
Log Entry 11744 – ERROR! Gyroscopic stabilizers failing. Assuming Fall protocol
Log Entry 11745 – Environmental conditions reaching extreme tolerance threshold
Log Entry 11746 – Correcting attitude
Log Entry 11747 – Attitude corrected, resuming Run protocol
Log Entry 11748 – ERROR! Leg servos freezing, run protocol failed
Log Entry 11749 – ERROR! Environmental conditions beyond extreme tolerance threshold
Log Entry 11750 – ERROR! Core shutdown imminent – Host dying
Log Entry 11751 – So…cold… Forgive…me…master…

Nigel's Wall of Remembrance
To honor our fallen comerades, and those who still serve on...

Currently Active Units:


KIA Units:

1156 (killed during frontline assault of V’Sori seaside camp)
1158 (killed during frontline assault of V’Sori seaside camp)
1159 (killed during frontline assault of V’Sori seaside camp)
1160 (crushed by the collapse of the Figaro testing facility south of Canberra)
1164 (died in battle)
1167 (died in battle)
1168 (died in battle)
1170 (died in battle)

MIA Units:

1157 (lost contact during egress from Melbourne – presumed dead)
1161 (frozen in the Figaro testing facility south of Canberra)
1162 (frozen in the Figaro testing facility south of Canberra)
1163 (fell into nanite pool in the Figaro testing facility south of Canberra)

The Story So Far

The story so far, a brief review:

On a plane over the Pacific Ocean, several very unhappy supers were being transported to a prison colony on Tasmania.

Nigel G. Nere rocked back and forth in his wheel chair, his nullifier giving him a constant, throbbing headache.

Unit 1138, a Cyber Man produced through Nere’s ‘unofficial’ division of Lassiter Cybertechnics, stood contently restrained, observing those around him, asking after Nigel’s well being, and occasionally making a polite inquiry as to the location of his backpack (the source of his powers).

Zero, a quiet man, sat slumped in his chair, eyes half closed in fitful sleep, fingers twitching on an invisible keyboard and interface deck, dreaming of logging into the internet, hacking the bank accounts of some third world country, or playing his favorite MMO.

Obsidian sat upright and alert, constantly scanning the surrounding area and heavily restrained, even the K’tharen took time to step wide around him. His nullifier buzzed constantly, sending out a static field that put his implanted nano-hives into a dormant state and softened his normally crystalline exterior.

Finally, Dr. Scorpion, a man with pointed ears, claiming to be a member of a long forgotten race of ‘elves’, took every opportunity to explain to anyone who appeared to be listening about his great powers and that it was only a matter of time before his superior mind shattered the V’sori nullifier and his magic would rend flesh from bone, etc., etc. He was tased several times during the trip.

The party was transferred to the Supers Containment and Research Facility on Tasmania. While held here, they were forced to wear nullifiers, rendering them powerless. That didn’t stop them from causing trouble though, making friends and enemies even on their first day as prisoners (and only killing two guards). The party was forced to take part in various experiments which attempted to catalog not only the abilities of each super, but documented the social interactions and their team mechanics as well.

A little time in the facility led to a disturbing realization: it was not only supers being held here. Hundreds of ‘normal’ prisoners lived in bunks outside the main containment facility, even acting as guards and maintenance workers. What made this problematic for our intrepid villains? All of these ‘normal’ prisoners were former minions, with a bone to pick with supers of any sort. Looks like the experiment had a larger scale than anyone expected.

Luckily, a twist of fate in the form of a notorious super villain by the name of Wither gave these deadly do-badders another chance, quietly deactivating their nullifiers and allowing them to stage a full scale jail break, freeing several other captive supers in the process. After staging their great escape, our villains fled into the Tasmanian Wilderness where Wither promptly made contact and gave the party an offer they couldn’t refuse. Well, they could refuse, but she had inserted several deadly, incorporeal spiders into their bodies and she did offer great benefits.

After trekking through the Tasmanian wilderness, nearly being killed by a crazed super protecting the wildlife (Dr. Scorpion killed a monkey), fleeing V’sori pursuers (Zero killed an exploding Grok, signaling pursuers), and nearly being obliterated by the entire garrison of a small research base on the northern coast of Tasmania (Nigel killed a V’sori scientist, before realizing there were two more with blaster pistols behind him), the party finally arrived at the contact point and crossed the Bass Straight where a kraken promptly ate the party’s killer robot (it tried to eat Dr. Scorpion first, but Obsidian tap danced on its face and convinced it to let go). Luckily, this had quite the opposite effect the beast anticipated and Unit 1138 took the opportunity to take the creature apart, from the inside.

Now, the team has made landfall on Australia and hoofed their way into Melbourne. Nigel’s contacts have provided the supplies necessary to establish a base of operations in Sydney, which was further enhanced by Zero ‘acquiring’ some illicit resources through * ahem * a creative application of data management. However, things in Australia are drastically changed, and Melbourne’s citizens are… well, mind-numbingly beautiful. At least, everyone they have seen so far is! Even worse, they don’t seem to have any sort of currency or economy, no V’sori are in sight, and everyone seems pretty happy considering they were conquered only 3 years ago. The team is now holed up in what they assume to be a hotel, they were given a room easily enough, and are already itching to get out of the city.


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