Necessary Evil - The Australian Saga

PeeWee’s Audio Log 015

PeeWee’s Audio Log 015
P: But Boss?!
Z: I’m sorry PeeWee but you’re really bad at being quiet.
P: I can be quiet. Watch I can be real quiet.
Z: …
P: …
Z: …
P: You’re not watching!!
Z: PeeWee I’m sorry I’ll tell you all about it when I get back but for now stay with 1138.
P: Why should I he’s not going with you.
Z: Because I’m not taking you with me.
P: Why not. Come on let me go with you. You’re going to do something fun aren’t you. I wanna go too!!! You guys did lots of cool stuff without me. I wanna do cool stuff too.
Z: Hey PeeWee I need some more bullets grab some out of the closet
P: Sure thing Boss. Hey I don’t see anything in here. Hey open the door, Hey come on this isn’t funny. Hey open up. Hey! HEEEEYYY! Alright that’s how you wanna play it LIGHTNING BLASTER!!! Boss? Boss? Hey Boss where are you? ….. Ahh man.



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