Necessary Evil - The Australian Saga

Zero's Personal Journal

Audio Recording active Entry 657820

Finally out of that god forsaken research facility. Got a ping back from 1138. Somehow he and talon were ejected on top of a mountain somewhere in the park. Well they should be fine. 1138 knows where the car is and he can get them to wherever this Vsori base we’re supposed to hit is. Obsidian is different now. I’m not sure if it’s really a good thing. I’ve seen him ready to snap before and even when we had down time he seemed a little anxious. Now he seems….I’m not sure if it would be at peace but none of us really know what happened in that tank and after seeing that doc’s notes I’m hoping that our resident berserker hasnt been kicked off the deep end. Well worse comes to worse he’ll probably eat skorpion first. This little nanobot I picked up is something else. I can’t find any reason for him to work the way he does. Nothing in his programming can justify the amount of intelligence he shows. PEEWEE GET OUT OF THE FIRE. I think I can do something with his weaponry I’ll have to chat with nigel about modifiying his weapon systems. I got to say I am having my doubts about this final solution (4 wheeler roars in the background followed by loud squealing laughter). Anything that figures in a wild eyed mentally unstable mass of nano technology as its power source is something I might not want to be a part of. but for now I’m in for the long haul. (PW) Hey boss what ya doing Can I see Why are you talking to that thing on your wrist Hey why is it copying me Does it write what I say Voltron’s cooool hahahahaha it does!!! hey boss hey hey hey…..



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