Necessary Evil - The Australian Saga

The Story So Far

The story so far, a brief review:

On a plane over the Pacific Ocean, several very unhappy supers were being transported to a prison colony on Tasmania.

Nigel G. Nere rocked back and forth in his wheel chair, his nullifier giving him a constant, throbbing headache.

Unit 1138, a Cyber Man produced through Nere’s ‘unofficial’ division of Lassiter Cybertechnics, stood contently restrained, observing those around him, asking after Nigel’s well being, and occasionally making a polite inquiry as to the location of his backpack (the source of his powers).

Zero, a quiet man, sat slumped in his chair, eyes half closed in fitful sleep, fingers twitching on an invisible keyboard and interface deck, dreaming of logging into the internet, hacking the bank accounts of some third world country, or playing his favorite MMO.

Obsidian sat upright and alert, constantly scanning the surrounding area and heavily restrained, even the K’tharen took time to step wide around him. His nullifier buzzed constantly, sending out a static field that put his implanted nano-hives into a dormant state and softened his normally crystalline exterior.

Finally, Dr. Scorpion, a man with pointed ears, claiming to be a member of a long forgotten race of ‘elves’, took every opportunity to explain to anyone who appeared to be listening about his great powers and that it was only a matter of time before his superior mind shattered the V’sori nullifier and his magic would rend flesh from bone, etc., etc. He was tased several times during the trip.

The party was transferred to the Supers Containment and Research Facility on Tasmania. While held here, they were forced to wear nullifiers, rendering them powerless. That didn’t stop them from causing trouble though, making friends and enemies even on their first day as prisoners (and only killing two guards). The party was forced to take part in various experiments which attempted to catalog not only the abilities of each super, but documented the social interactions and their team mechanics as well.

A little time in the facility led to a disturbing realization: it was not only supers being held here. Hundreds of ‘normal’ prisoners lived in bunks outside the main containment facility, even acting as guards and maintenance workers. What made this problematic for our intrepid villains? All of these ‘normal’ prisoners were former minions, with a bone to pick with supers of any sort. Looks like the experiment had a larger scale than anyone expected.

Luckily, a twist of fate in the form of a notorious super villain by the name of Wither gave these deadly do-badders another chance, quietly deactivating their nullifiers and allowing them to stage a full scale jail break, freeing several other captive supers in the process. After staging their great escape, our villains fled into the Tasmanian Wilderness where Wither promptly made contact and gave the party an offer they couldn’t refuse. Well, they could refuse, but she had inserted several deadly, incorporeal spiders into their bodies and she did offer great benefits.

After trekking through the Tasmanian wilderness, nearly being killed by a crazed super protecting the wildlife (Dr. Scorpion killed a monkey), fleeing V’sori pursuers (Zero killed an exploding Grok, signaling pursuers), and nearly being obliterated by the entire garrison of a small research base on the northern coast of Tasmania (Nigel killed a V’sori scientist, before realizing there were two more with blaster pistols behind him), the party finally arrived at the contact point and crossed the Bass Straight where a kraken promptly ate the party’s killer robot (it tried to eat Dr. Scorpion first, but Obsidian tap danced on its face and convinced it to let go). Luckily, this had quite the opposite effect the beast anticipated and Unit 1138 took the opportunity to take the creature apart, from the inside.

Now, the team has made landfall on Australia and hoofed their way into Melbourne. Nigel’s contacts have provided the supplies necessary to establish a base of operations in Sydney, which was further enhanced by Zero ‘acquiring’ some illicit resources through * ahem * a creative application of data management. However, things in Australia are drastically changed, and Melbourne’s citizens are… well, mind-numbingly beautiful. At least, everyone they have seen so far is! Even worse, they don’t seem to have any sort of currency or economy, no V’sori are in sight, and everyone seems pretty happy considering they were conquered only 3 years ago. The team is now holed up in what they assume to be a hotel, they were given a room easily enough, and are already itching to get out of the city.



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