Necessary Evil - The Australian Saga

Unit 1138 -Black Box Recordings-

  • Today I was given a most important mission from the master Nigel G. Near. He told me that he and his other servitor robots were going to cause a DISTRACTION at the front of the compound and that I should cause a DIRSTRACTION at the back of said compound, in particular destroying a V’sori battle vessel parked on the launch pad. I am thrilled to serve the master/creator so efficiently and I take pride in my work. I hope Nigel notices that after I disassembled the V’sori craft I took the initiative and went on to other DISTRACTIONS!
  • We then engaged the enemy K’tharen, drones, and the supers sniffing G’rok like dogs that we were supposed to neutralize for Tikus and the Raiders. Unfortunately I was forced to aid the very forgetful Dr. Scorpion who was being chewed up by the doggies. I do not like Dr. Scorpion very much because he keeps forgetting my designation number and to be honest I don’t think he’s even a real Doctor. Even though I enjoyed seeing the good Doctor being ripped apart I wondered how can I correct his memory with my shock-stick if the doggies killed him? I think my shock therapy might be starting to work because just after I saved Dr. Scorpion he said my name CORRECTLY! Yay…..meat-bags can learn!, albeit slowly.
  • Honestly, I think Nigel made a mistake while choosing his words initially. He wanted us to make a DISTRACTION but after we were done with the V’sori compound their was nothing left of it. Even the buildings were falling apart and the rest of the place had crumbled to pieces. I even saw Obsidian eat through the roof! He obviously does not follow directions very well. Perhaps Nigel meant DESTRUCTION and just forgot to use the proper terms in defining our mission parameters. Either way, Nigel seemed pleased.
  • Unfortunately, I lost one of my brothers today. A servitor robot named Wheelie, who had the lower torso of a Segue scooter. I knew him for over 3.5 hours….we were great friends. I will miss him dearly.
  • While I was mourning for the lose of Wheelie I missed out on the most fun of all. Mind Flay told me that while inside the compound they found many strange creatures in cages and they played the game “Put the Animals Down!” I am not sure how to play this game but it sounds like the animals enjoyed it a great deal. I love animals, I had a monkey once. It was dead.



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