Necessary Evil - The Australian Saga

Zero's Personal Journal

Audio Recording active Entry 657822

Well we have almost reached the facility. I’m a bit more confident in the abilities of the bot we picked up from the Doc’s lab. It seems to have bonded with Obsidian so at least we should be able to point it in the right direction if we need to. Gotta admit though the walking fabricator has been extremely useful in upgrading PeeWee. He helped me build a custom electrical generator. Took some time guiding him into making the parts I needed. Good news is PeeWee is combat ready. With some assistance from Nigel I was able to use the generator to amp up his blasters. They have quite a kick to them now, even included a burst function that can layout a large group of targets. That should be something to see when we hit combat. I copied several of my own targeting programs into his system so he should be able to out shoot anything on the field (save yours truly of course). That little generator can even kick out an electrical field. Not too powerful yet and it isnt going to do jack to anything trying to smash him but it should be strong enough to divert incoming fire. I wish I had more info about what ever were heading into. Seems all we got from Syd was that what ever is going down is critical. All in all we’re putting a lot on the line for a reward that is about as clear as mud. I hate working with out a clear payout but until we can do something about these spiders were kinda stuck. If Wither is as bad as her rep says I don’t think she’ll just let us go when things wrap up (assuming we survive her FINAL solution). Ugh the more I think about it the worst this deal sounds. I’m gonna grab some food and get some rest. Still thinking about asking Obsidian to teach me how he gets around so damn well. I’m sick of stepping on branches all the time but he’s scarier then usual right now



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