Dr. Scorpion


Dr. Scorpion

Author: Jim H.

PC in: Necessary Evil – The Australian Saga

Game System: Savage Worlds

Rank: Veteran

Total XP: 55 Spent XP: 55

- ATTRIBUTES – Agility: d6 Smarts: d12 Spirit: d10 Strength: d4 Vigor: d8

Pace: 6 Parry: 4 Toughness: 8 (9) Charisma: 0

- EDGES – Arcane BG (Super Powers), Power Points (x3), Headquarters (x2), Level Headed, Improved Level Headed, Nerves of Steel

- HINDRANCES – Gloater (Major), Vengeful (Major), Delusion: Thinks he is an elf (Major), Distinctive Appearance: Elfish features (Minor), Heartless (Minor)

- SKILLS – Sorcery: d12 Fighting: d4 Shooting: d10 Notice: d8 Persuasion: d8 Knowledge (Arcana): d12 Swimming: d4

- SUPER POWERS Super Sorcery 6 (18), Toughness 2 (4), Ageless 1 (1) , Headquarters (2), Attack: Ranged (2D6 Damage, Range 12/24/48, Heavy Weapon) (3), Minions x2 (2)

- FAMILIAR (Dwayne, The Scorpion King)
Attributes: Agility d6, Smarts d8, Spirit d8, Strength d4, Vigor d6
Skills: Fighting d6, Stealth d8, Taunt d4, Notice d8, Spellcasting d6
Quirk: Can understand human speech, but can only communicate via emotes and clicking sounds.
Superpowers: Super Sorcery 2
Damage: Sting (d4 + poison)
Poison (-2): Anyone wounded or shaken by a sting must make a vigor roll or immediately become Incapacitated for 1d4 hours and, the effected location is paralyzed for 1d6 days. Success means that the effected location is paralyzed for 1d6 hours.
Size: Very small, -4 to be hit

- Scorpion Syndicate HQ (10 HQ Points):

  • Structure: Average Size (3), Good Condition (2)
  • Security: Escape Pod (1), Secure Access (1), Well-Hidden: Underground (3)
  • Layout: Command Center (1), Power Generator (1), Kitchen (1), Personal Quarters (1), Arcane Library (1)

- The Scorpion Syndicate (Henchmen):

  • Lackey-A Brick. A massively muscular, but less than intelligent bruiser who Dr. Scorpion used as his front-line fighter in his plans for world domination. Although he was frequently beaten in combat, Lackey dutifully follows Dr. Scorpion out of a sense blissful ignorance of the fact that he could EASILY overpower the Doctor physically.
  • Rattius-An anthropomorphic shapeshifter, who is most comfortable in form of a Were-rat like creature. Perhaps the physically weakest of Dr. Scorpion’s henchmen, he perpetually snivels at Scorpion’s orders, much to the annoyance of Dr. Scorpion.
  • Scorpiotron-A robot in the form of a scorpion. Frequently teamed with Lackey in combat, Scorpitron also fought directly for Dr. Scorpion using an array of mystically created magitek weaponry.
  • Zenoth-A shadowy creature of darkness with some telepathic and foresight capabilities. Dr. Scorpion’s personal aid, and second in command of the organization.

- Current Allies:

  • Nigel G. Nere
  • Obsidian
  • Zero
  • Unit 1129? (zzzit)
  • Mind Flay

Dr. Scorpion

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