Annoying, flexible, and durable


As part of one of the V’sori experiments on the captured villains, they were put into a testing chamber modeled as a dilapidated temple. Their objective was simple, enter the building, retrieve an object inside and return to the entrance with the object. Simple as it seemed, the test was soon complicated when a competing team of captured supers crossed path with the team with the same objectives and decided it was best not to share. Stretch was part of this team, and the short, bloody battle went rather bad for her, though she was lucky enough to survive alongside Brick thanks to her durable nature (everyone else was killed).

Later, during the party’s escape, Stretch was also set free and agreed to assist the party under the leadership of Rory, holding off V’sori forces as the team went to secure an escape. The party decided to leave this group behind to fend for themselves, collapsing their escape tunnel and leaving the fate of Rory’s team unknown.

Upon meeting with Syd, the party was informed that Rory, Brick, Stretch, and Jack had survived and had already been escorted across to mainland Australia to work under Wither’s command. It was unclear whether this new team still held a grudge against the party for leaving them behind.



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