Amiable native of Australia, 'son' of The Darwin, able to transform into a gargantuan great white


The party was tasked with meeting a contact of Wither on the Northeast corner of Tasmania, and Syd was their man. A friendly sort, Syd spent two days with the party swapping stories and teaching those willing to learn a thing or two about maneuvering in the water. Syd is passionate about freeing Australia from V’sori control and seems a reliable, honest sort so long as his allies and ideals are not threatened.

Always glad to talk, Syd told the story of Australia’s battle with the V’sori and how the Bass straight had come to be infested with sea monsters. After answering a few more questions, Syd eventually got the party onto a large raft, jumped in the water, and shifted in the the largest great white shark any of them had ever seen. While pulling the raft across the straight, the party was attacked by a pair of Krakens. Between Syd and the party, the Krakens were killed and everyone safely arrived on the coast East of Melbourne.

Though victorious, Syd is becoming increasingly concerned about the situation in the sea surrounding Australia and how he will deal with the legacy left by his ‘father’, The Darwin.



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