Welcome to NE: Australian Edition!

This is site is a work in progress, though hopefully it will soon be a resource for my players in their journey to undermine the V’sori, acquire power, or fulfill whatever personal objectives these villains are pursuing.

So what is going on? Well, its been well over three years since the V’sori invaded Earth, killing off most of the worlds heroes. However, the alien invaders overlooked an important detail in their conquest and a new resistance, primarily powered by Earth’s most villainous inhabitants, is starting to become a serious threat. The most well known and feared of these resistance cells are the Omegans, led by the notorious Dr. Destruction.

But somewhere in Star City, something went wrong, really wrong, and one of the Omegan cells became compromised at a crucial moment, triggering events that have put the world on edge. No one knows the particulars, but a guerrilla war of increasing ferocity has been waged all across, and within, the Atlantic and more V’sori forces are being repositioned to put this threat down. As the alien occupiers around the world are thinned to address the problems in the Atlantic and Star city, smaller resistance cells have become emboldened and are beginning to rally into action. The latest news even indicates a massive terrorist attack on Star City herself, demolishing the majority of the South Point district.

Unfortunately, none of these shocking events matter much to our group of intrepid villains, who have found themselves captured in the increased pressure to hunt and detain supers the growing tension has caused. Under heavy escort, the V’sori are very careful to protect their transport ships these days, several villainous characters were moved to the Supers Containment and Research facility located on the Island of Tasmania. It is here that their story begins.

Necessary Evil - The Australian Saga

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