Powerful super, single handedly holding off V'sori expansion in Tasmania


After escaping the SCaR facility, the party encountered a variety of wild life in Tasmania and observed nature had reclaimed old roads and buildings at amazing speed. The source of this phenomenon was soon discovered to be a potent super by the name of Dryada who attacked the party when Dr. Scorpion took it upon himself to kill one of the animals sent to shadow the party.

Dryada empowers the animals that serve her, causing anything her pets strike to immediately sprouts vines, turn to wood, or otherwise become hampered by nature’s power. This turned flocks of birds from a nuisance into a deadly threat able to bypass even the party’s heavy armor and slow down their movements. Before the fight could begin in earnest, Obsidian was able to negotiate a cease fire and Dryada retreated.

Dryada later reappeared, apparently in pain, asking our intrepid villains for assistance destroying a new V’sori experiment that was hampering her abilities. In return, she promised to distract the V’sori in hot pursuit of the party.

The party later learned that Dryada is one of three sisters who formed a pact with the earth, giving them incredible power in exchange for promises to protect nature from all aggressors. One sister was KIA during the invasion of Australia, while the other is missing. Those who know Dryada speculate the super powered bond also directly connected the three, explaining her deteriorating mental health. Once a beautiful woman clothed in crisp green leaves, Dryada now looks worn, feral, and is increasingly difficult to communicate with.


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