Nano forged AI construct liberated from the Figaro Research Facility by Zero


Strength D6—Vigor D6—Agility D6—Spirit D6—Smarts D6

Experience: 10

Shooting D6/D12+1 with advanced targeting programs active

Lightning Blaster
Attack Ranged: 2D6 AP2 elemental trick: electricity
Switches to
Thunder Bomber
Stun: stronger(-2 vigor roll), large burst template

Super Skill Shooting (4 skill points), requires activation
Deflection (2 points), requires activation

Equipment: Z Belt (built into him shortly before the assault on the Vsori base)

Pace 4—Parry 4—Toughness 4(5)—Charisma 0
Special: Small (-2 to hit)


An AI construct built to fight in a base control game in the Figaro research facility PeeWee was considered to be a bottom tier combat robot. When the group entered his section of the facility he and a fellow PeeWee asked the villians for their aid. Zero decided that the little robot might be woth something either as sidekick or a research subject to learn more about the technology of the facility. Cloaking and moving swiftly Zero was able to rewrite a number of core programs within PeeWee including his IFF and loyalty programs. Now the little robot that knew nothing but the battle he was built for has a chance to explore the world in the company of his boss and their clearly skilled if somewhat off putting comrades.


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