Piba Al'Kai

arrogant, one-armed practioner of the arcane


Piba was sent to the SCaR facility shortly before the party arrived. After being granted access to the Shanty Town, Piba began ordering the residents around, daring them to strike him and demanding their tribute. The prisoners complied by beating Piba to within an inch of his life and the V’sori took Piba to the Research facility to recover.

The party was tasked with finding Piba for Wither, who seeks to learn some magical secrets from the loudmouthed super sorcerer. The party successfully rescued Piba, leading to a brief gloating war between Dr. Scorpion and the recently recovered Piba Al’Kai. After nearly being abandoned by the party, Piba and Scoprion combined their powers to tunnel the team’s way to freedom. The stress of maintaining such a spell caused Piba to collapse, and the party carried him into hiding where he was later retrieved by Wither.

Piba Al'Kai

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