Tough as nails, former super hero


Rory is a tough as nails little man who the party meets shortly after being imprisoned. Entering the cafeteria, none of them recognize him as the former super hero, The Reflection, a dangerous and controversial figure who chose to kill many of his villain nemesis’s rather than see them escape jail yet again. After a brief conflict with some of the guards, the party gained Rory’s respect.

When the time to break out of the SCaR facility came, the party went straight for Rory. Upon being freed, Rory took command on several other super powered individuals and assisted in covering the party’s escape using his impressive powers of illusion to make the V’sori believe they were under attack. However, the party decided it was too risky to go back for him, abandoning Rory and his team to their fate and making their own escape.

Later, the party found out Rory escaped, immediately leading Nigel to ask, “So, umm, did he mention anything about people he may want dead?” Still, it is clear that Rory is also working for Wither, so whether the party has a dangerous enemy or powerful ally waiting for them on the Australian mainland is anyone’s guess.


Necessary Evil - The Australian Saga Kias