Unit 1138

Robot man that speaks in a monotone voice, has heavy armor stored in his backpack. Transforms him into an armored powerhouse. Childlike Intelligence with a Big Mouth that often gets him into trouble.


UNIT 1138
Origin of Parahuman Abilities: Constructed by Nigel G. Nere

TOUGHNESS 7/19 (Armor and Super Attributes activated by Device)
PARRY 8/12 (Activated by Device)
PACE 6/24 (24 when flying -1 Attack Penalty)

SMARTS: d4 (-2 to common knowledge rolls, Childlike Intelligence-Clueless)
STRENGTH: d6/d12+2 (When Powered Up)
VIGOR: d10/d12+2 (When Powered Up)

HINDRANCES: Distinctive Appearance (Robot Man), Big Mouth (Has trouble keeping secrets), Clueless (childlike intelligence), Servitor (Nigel G. Nere is the Master/Creator).

EDGES: New Power 5pp’s, Alertness, Sweep, First Strike, Take the Hit, Two Fisted, Raise Vigor to d8, New Power 5pp’s, Mighty Blow (Joker Card), Combat Reflexes, New Power 5pp’s, Frenzy.

Fighting d12/d12+4 (Device)
Intimidation d6/d10 (Device)
Notice d4+2 (Alertness-Motion Detecting Antenna)
Piloting d6
Throwing d8
Swimming d4 (Free)

Construct: +2 Recover from being Shaken. No wound penalties. Immune to disease + Poison. No called shot extra damage. Repair 1d6 hours.

Super Attributes: (Requires Activation) +5 Strength, +3 Vigor

Armor: (Requires Activation) 9 points of Armor

Attack Melee: (Requires Activation) +4d6 HE Damage

  • Armor Piercing: AP4
  • Focus: -4 Fighting roll to bypass/ignore armor of inanimate objects.
  • Knockback: 1d10 for each success and raise +1d6 extra damage if target hits wall or object.

Flight: (Requires Activation) 4xPace -1 attack penalty while flying

Super Skill: (Requires Activation) Fighting +4, Intimidation up 2 steps to d10.

Most of UNIT 1138’s powers are activated through his backpack that transforms him from a normal sized robot man to a armored powerhouse!


Unit 1138

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