Wither was a notorious villain, known and feared by heroes and evil doers alike. He M.O. was one of subtle manipulation and elaborate plans within plans. Despite her preference to stay behind the scenes, Wither was incredibly powerful, and the few documented conflicts between her and Earth’s supers are the stuff of nightmares veteran heroes used to scare up and comers away from the big leagues.

In her most infamous, and presumed final, act of villainy, Wither compromised the entire Alpha Force, including the mighty Champion, neutralizing their powers in an elaborate trap. Her plan was thwarted by The Midnight Watch, a group of supers led by Wild Seed and Mr. Lunare who preferred to keep to the shadows and were often the objects of distrust by their peers. The watch took heavy causalities in this battle, and Wild Seed was mortally wounded, but Wither was consumed in a torrent of dark energy and presumed dead.

Ten years later and the party now finds themselves facing Wither in their dreams, a message and mission promising freedom from their imprisonment in the SCaR facility. Wither infests each villain with incorporeal spiders, combining the promise of freedom with the threat of torture if her objectives are not met.

After escaping with the Sorcerer she demands freed, Piba Al’Kai, the party is met by Wither in the flesh. With a wave of her hand, strands of shadow settle over the party, lulling them into a waking dream where Wither shows them their greatest dreams made reality, promising them their hearts desire if they agreed to assist in her “Final Solution”. Taking Piba up, Wither shares a few words with Unit 1138, the only party member unaffected by her psychic headlock, and hands him a note with a map explaining their next objective.

Before she leaves, Unit 1138 catches a glimpse into the depths of her shadows, and it seems that someone, or something, was also with Wither during the encounter. What this means or the nature of Wither’s “Final Solution” still remain a mystery.


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