A cautious yet straight foreward type who believes do it once and do it right. While things might not always work out as planned he is skilled enough to adapt. His motto is, "When all else fails HEADSHOT"


Name: Zero
Real Name: Alexander Sizemore

Current Experience: 40

Smarts D10—Agility D8—Spirit D8—Strength D6—Vigor D6

Pace: 6- Parry: 6- Toughness: 6(7)- Charisma: 0

Arcane Background: Super Powers, Power Points: Novice, Rich (Heir of a wealthy family), Brawny (1 toughness,Strength x8 carry), Ace (2 driving, piloting, boating), Investigator (+2 investigation and streetwise +2 notice when looking for/through evidence), Headquarters: Novice, Power Points: Seasoned, Power Points: Veteran

Major: Code of Honor, Servitor
Minor: Cautious, Distinctive Appearance (Visibly artificial eyes)

Shooting D10 (D12+5 with active targeting visor)—Fighting D8—Driving D8—Piloting D8—Investigation D8—Streetwise D8—Repair D8—Knowledge Computers D8—Knowledge Electronics D8—Stealth D8—Climbing D6—Lock Picking D6—Swimming D4

Natural: Gifted (no penalty for unskilled rolls), Heightened Senses (+2 notice), Super Traits (4 points), Super Skills (16 skill points), Dark Vision (requires activation), Extra Action

Device: Targeting Visor: Super Skill: Shooting (6 skill points/requires activation), Super Edge: Marksman (upgraded targeting systems to account for environmental variables such as wind speed, elevation, etc)

Device: Personal Computer gauntlet (left arm): Interface w/Code Breaker, Speak Language w/Written Word (advanced linguistics, voice sampling and recording, and realtime translation programs), Super Edges: Giant Killer, No Mercy (analytical overlay that detects and displays weak points and vulnerabilities in various creatures, highly effective against creatures Size 3 and larger)

Device: Personal Stealth Field gauntlet (right arm): Invisibility

Weapons: Hero Killer (3D6 AP3 Heavy) w/Laser Sight(1 shooting), Vibro Knife (1D62 AP2 Heavy), H&K USP 9mm (2D6 AP1 Double Tap) w/Laser Sight (+1 shooting), 5 Fusion Grenades,

Gear: Dura Weave Clothes, Hero Killer Rounds, 9mm Rounds, Back Pack, Tool Kit, Lock Picks, Auto Grappel

Cohorts: Dr. Skorpion, Obsidian, Unit 1138, The Mechanist, Mind Flay, Pee Wee


Entry 657811
Date August 30 XXXX

Another system bites the dust. Dad knows why his company can stay so far ahead of his competitors even if he’ll never actually acknowledge what I do. Every business rival he ever had has fallen to some crippling scandal or suddenly lost massive amounts of revenue (My personal favorite was turning one company into a front for a domestic terror cell. The feds were all over that company for months.)

Things are different now. Ever since the Vsori came to town governments have been crushed and taken over but big business was still big business. Contracts come in for intel on the Vsori but their systems are literally beyond anything I’ve ever seen before, adaptive as hell and that language is a beast to crack. Good news is I’ve been making progress. Ever since I got my new eyes and network built things are easier than ever inside the net.

Got a new contract today. Think this may be another one from that Omega Cell I was working with a while back. It’s going to be an on site job but I’m ready for it. I’ve got my HK oiled up and ready to go and my stealth generator is working better than ever. I already mapped out the building from the blue prints and the security doesn’t look to bad. Figure we go in quiet, hit the servers, do some downloading and be gone before the Vsori even raise an alarm. It’ll be perfect.


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